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Art in North Cyprus

Northern Cyprus has many talented artists. Most of the Northern Cyprus galleries are in Lefkosa, but there are workshops, which present their work in Girne. Please, phone the Northern Cyprus galleries to find out whose work is currently being shown.

Diving North Cyprus - experience pure clean underwater waiting for you to discover the beautiful Mediterranean sea. North Cyprus has new destination for Divers. Diving is available all year round and is ideal for diversify holidays in North Cyprus.

Walking in Northern Cyprus  - guided walking arranged by the Hotel Sempatil. There are plenty walking routes. Best time for walking is between November to May. Guided walking arranged by the Hotel Sempatil. There are plenty walking routes. Best time for walking is between November to May.  

Bowling - There is one bowling gallery in Lefkosa, North Cyprus. Tel - 223 2388.

Private guided Tours - Private guided tours can be arranged any day. You can choose from Kyrenia Tour, Nicosia, Famagusta and Guzelyurt Tours. All full day tours start in the morning and finish in the afternoon. Minimum 2 person.

Bird Watching - There are several areas in Northern Cyprus where bird watching is particularly good. There is a society for the protection of Birds in Northern Cyprus called KUSKOR and they will advise you where and when to go to see them on North Cyprus holidays. They are free to explore. Tel - 8157337.

Caving - There are several caves in Northern Cyprus that you are free to explore. One, known as the Hot Cave, North of Agırdag village on the southern slopes of Five finger Mountains, is a partially collapsed natural formation. Warm air emanates from the cave, hence the name. Do not attempt to enter the cave. Another North Cyprus natural cave in the Girne area is the Guvercinlik cave near Alevkayası. Access to the cave involves some fairly difficult climbing. Proceed with caution. There are three more caves in the Gazimagusa area in North Cyprus. Probably the most beautiful Northern Cyprus cave is Incirli cave, a hundred meter long passage which contains and amazing collection of stalactites and stalagmites and is recommended to visit on Northern Cyprus holidays.

General information- Northern Cyprus...



The cave is open on Sunday( or by special arrangement with the village muhtar). There is a small entrance fee. Gastro Cave between Kuruova and Kaleburnu villages is a man made cave containing three rooms. Finally, there is the ominously names Execution Cave, near Kaleburnu in North Cyprus. There is said to be a golden earthenware jar hidden somewhere in the cave.


Cinema - There are six very good cinemas in North Cyprus, one in Lefkosa, two in Girne and two in Gazimagusa. They show recently released films mainly from the west. Films are usually changed every week and are shown with their original soundtracks and Turkish subtitles.


Go Carting - There are at present two North Cyprus go- carting tracks, one in the Girne area - tel 8510439 and another near Alaykoy Lefkosa - tel 0533 866173.  


Horse Riding - There are several stables in Northern Cyprus offering riding lessons in the Girne and Gazimagusa areas. Some stables also allow customers to hire horses to take out and enjoy this way their holidays in North Cyprus.


Hunting - Hunting is the greatest passion of many Turkish Cypriot men. The season runs from October to February and is limited to Sundays only. The North Cyprus government strictly controls hunting areas and hunters must be licensed. The most popular prey for hunters are partridge, wood pigeon and hare.


Food and Drinks and Restaurants in North Cyprus 


Money : North Cyprus Currency is Turkish Lira. There are several international banks in North Cyprus. You can bring GBP, Euro, or US DOLLAR , TRAVELLERS CHEQUE or VISA Master cards are accepted in island. The Banks in North Cyprus are HSBC, IS BANK, Garanti Bank.

Shopping  - There are lots of shopping centre in Northern Cyprus: The Furniture, White goods, or gift shops.

Beaches and scuba Diving - You can find all information about Scuba diving in North Cyprus on our Diving page.

Excursion in Northern Cyprus : Famagusta Tour, Guzelyurt, Nicosia  Cyprus Hotels : Hotel Sempati is one of the family run Hotels in North Cyprus which offers personal services and quality services.

Festivals in North Cyprus : North Cyprus is becoming a generous host cultural events. The island began to host many cultural events over the past few years and became very attractive for spending North Cyprus holidays.

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