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Orchids and wild Flowers Walks   in Northern Cyprus


Walking amongst the orchids and wild Flowers

The months of February to May bring the most beautiful orchids and wild flowers to Northern Cyprus; it is a haven for the nature lover and botanist. Driving along in your car or walking on e of the many mountain trails you are strict by the colour and beauty that is before you. There are so many varieties of flowers, some are rare and can only be seen in certain places and would be easily missed if not pointed out the visitor. Anyone who is interested in nature and combining a walk in the mountains with learning about the flowers and orchids they are seeing should consider booking for an '' orchid and Wild Flower Walk'' with Tony and Maureen Hutchinson.. Maureen and Tony have been organising these popular days for about 1o years and enjoy showing the visitors the orchids and wild flowers that grow in abundance in the mountains around their organic farm on the southern slopes of the Kyrenia Mountains. The day is divided into two parts. In the morning the group walk along a good path into the mountains and will see about 9 different species or orchids as well as an abundance of wild flowers, some of which are endemic.( only found in Cyprus ). The views along the way are superb and the setting makes you feel that you are in real Cyprus. As you wander at your leisure you can take the
Coriophora  photographs, learn about the traditions of the village people as well as increase your knowledge about the fauna and flora of this beautiful country. For those who are not very mobile there are always short cuts, other visitors enjoy going down further into the valley to get close views of the very rare orchids below. The circular route, which takes about 2 hours, includes about 2 hours, includes a bronze Age Tomb, the old drinkingthoughs used by sheep and takes you back to Organic Farm for Lunch. This is home baked and eaten outside, among the wild cyclamens, in the couples, large garden with good views of the southern slopes of the Kyrenia Mountains. Appetites are always healthy and everyone chats, makes new friends and contacts. The afternoon walk is to another walk is to another orchid glade in a different direction, more species of orchids are seen

Spectacular views again. Then thought the traditional, Turkish Cypriot village to se the Medieval Maronite Church, the mud and straw houses, inspect the old village ovens, an Ottoman Turkish Bath and learn about the mountain herbs still gathered and used by the Cypriot people. Everyone is ready for the good, English, afternoon tea and carrot cake that awaits them back at the farm at 4 pm. Following  are some of the orchids and endemic wild flowers that you may see on your day out:

Orchidse Orchid morio, Barlia rebertiana, Orchids punctuala, Orchis italica, Serapias vomeracia, Anacamptis pyramidalis, Neotina maculata, Ophrys fusca, Ophyrs kotschyi, Ophrys sphegodes, Ophrys apifera, Ophrys carmeli, Ophrys levantina.

Endemic Wild flowers : Onosma fruitcosum, Anthemis tricolour, Helianthemum obtusifolium, Onobrychis venosa, Tulipa cypria. This day out ( Every Tues/ Thur/ Sat During March and April) appeals to everyone so book early as numbers are limited. For More information e-mail us and we book for you.