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Accomodation in North Cyprus In North Cyprus recent years Accomodation numbers groving and More options become available for all ages groups. Recently lost of different accommodation added in to North cyprus.

From family run Accommodation to Luxury Accommodation, with those new accommodations also quality going up also, recent Hotels renoveted themselves, and most of Hotels. Guest house, got quality certicifactes like Haccp, for Hygenie and Standards. There is different types accommodations available on the island. For example Family run Accommodations, Boutique type accommodations, Village type accommdations and Luxury accommodations.

Boutiqe Type Accommodation :
Those Boutique Accommodations, available in Kyrenia, Lapta, and Bellapais area, more than Hotel more than quality, North Cyprus boutique accommodations giving personal service to their guests, chance to taste and meet local cypriot hospitality, and home atmosphere, most of accommodation are refurbished original ottoman Houses, or built old style and has got caracter.

Those types, giving quality service also, most of them have swimming pool, restaurant, En suit nice rooms. Smell the history.

Family run Accommodation
This syle of Accommodations carry bouqtie Accommodation future also, most of them run by the local cypriot family, in some of them even you will find the owner when cooking lovely local dishes.

Its great chance to taste local foods from Local people, those Family run Hotels you available from budget to expensive luxuty types for all ages catagories. I must say Lost of Weddings held at the Family run Accommodations in recent years and getting very famous.

Local Village guest House type accommodations
Those type accommodations are new for North Cyprus, In Karpaz penisular recently opened in a project to protect area, and renoveted some old houses and opened for guest visit. The Karpaz area Its fantastic area, and natural, unspoilt place, Beatiful beaches, and Natural organic foods available on the Karpaz accommodations. The prices for those type accommodations start from £ 10 pp to £ 30.

You will not expect 5 star accommodation just clean bed and basic local furniture, some of them keep original nearly 40-50 years old furniture refurbished and used those guest houses.
The project started from Ekonomi and Tourism Ministery and its been succesful, Local people start to get some jobs and run their own business.

There is chance to taste local olive oil hand mande, hand made bread, fresh fish when you stay in Karpaz guest house accommodation.

Casino Type Accommodations :
Those type accommodations 5 star and more, becuase goverment, not give them any licence if they dont have 5 star Accommodation quality, those types prefered from Turkish Turist mainly from turkey who they are coming weekend for gambling, there is Casion type accommodation on the Island Kyrenia, Famgusta, Nicosia and Recently bigger one opened side of Bafra.

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